Cut Some Nails

It's been a month now and our babies nails from its fingers and feet are have grown and need to be cut. I am the one who cut her nail's, and we kept it in her baby book. Akisha has little control over his flailing limbs and can easily end up scratching his own face or ours, that's why we should cut it.
Babies fingernails grow so fast, so we have to cut them several times a week. Toenails require less frequent trimming.

First Month

July 17, 2009, our baby Akisha Denise was now one month old. We just buy her a small cake and my wife cook some pasta to celebrate her 1st month. She's beginning to gain weight much faster, and she's now bigger than before. I just wish her to be more healthy.

First Visit To Doctor

Today was the first visit of our Baby Akisha to her pediatrician, after coming out from the hospital. Her pediatrician was Dr. Raul Fernandez, his clinic was in Mary Immaculate Hospital, located in Malolos City. To get there need to travel for about 30 minutes from our home.
When her pediatrician measures our baby she is now 37 cm and she weighs about 1.5 kilos, she only gain 0.1 kilos. And her pediatrician also told us we need to see another doctor to check her eyes, because we need to be sure that her eyes was been fully developed, because there are some premature baby that became blind because of ROP (Retinopathy Of Prematurity) .
How I wish that she's ok, I hope her eyes was been developed I don't want her to be blind.

Face to face

This was the day after we have brought home our baby Akisha. Me and wife almost can't get some sleep during her first night, we have a queen size bed but I still choose to lie on the floor, cause I am very wriggly when I am sleeping, I am just afraid that I might get hurt her while I am sleeping. I am also the one who always make and gave her formula milk, cause my wife still needs some rest to recover from the c-section.

It's Bath Time

This was her first bath in our home. Me and my wife don't know how to this, so my mother in law was the who take in charge in giving our precious baby her first bath at our home.

First feeding at home

This was the first time that we are going to feed our baby. Cause when she was still at the hospital the nurses there at NICU are the one's who gave our baby her milk. Her pediatrician reminded us that we need to lift her heads up a little when we are going to feed our baby,cause this will help our baby not choke by the milk, and after she finishes her milk we need to make her burp.
The amount of milk that we are giving her right now is only 1 oz, cause that's the amount the she can tolerate as of now, and we give it to her every 3 hours, so our clock is always set to alarm every 3 hours.

Home Sweet Home, At Last...

After 14 days of long wait, we finally bring home our beloved baby. July 1, 2009, the day when we bring our baby to her home. She's very small in size, but she is very active she moves a lot. On this moment we are very happy about the fact that we have brought home our baby, but there is one problem can we take care of her properly?
During the first night when she arrived to our home, me and my wife didn't slept at all
. We just stare at her all night long.We are very afraid that we might miss to feed her with her milk.