Our Cute Bunny Wunny

This pictures was taken right after Akisha taken her bath.

Baby Needs Some Vaccine

Its really difficult to see my baby hurting with the injection but I know this will be good for her. This was the time when she received her second vaccine for DPT. After the injection she got a slight fever, but its normal side effect of the injection.

She got a rubber shoes

4th Month Birthday Celebration

We celebrate the 4th month birthday of our baby Askisha, we've invited her niece to celebrate with us. On that day we also brought Akisha on her pediatrician for her monthly checkup, she is now weighing 4.6 kilos. And according to her pediatrician she is fine, although last night she's not feeling well because she got her 2nd DPT vaccine. And to celebrate her 4th month birthday my wife cooked some pancit. By the way her niece that with on her picture was (from left to right) Ate Tamae, Ate Puput and Ate Teptep.

When I See You Smile

Sometimes I wonder
How I'd ever make it through,
Through this world without having you
I just wouldn't have a clue

'Cause sometimes it seems
Like this world's closing in on me,
And there's no way of breaking free
And then I see you reach for me

Sometimes I wanna give up
I wanna give in,
I wanna quit the fight
And then I see you, baby
And everything's alright,
everything's alright

When I see you smile
I can face the world, oh oh,
you know I can do anything
When I see you smile
I see a ray of light, oh oh,
I see it shining right through the rain
When I see you smile
Oh yeah, baby when I see you smile at me

Baby there's nothing in this world
that could ever do
What a touch of your hand can do
It's like nothing that I ever knew

And when the rain is falling
I don't feel it,
'cause you're here with me now
And one look at you baby
Is all I'll ever need,
you're all I'll ever need


Sometimes I wanna give up
I wanna give in,
I wanna quit the fight
And then I see you baby
And everything's alright,
everything's alright

So right...

Look who's talking now

Our baby Akisha is trying now to communicate with us now I think the term with is babbling. She is starting to produce some sounds, just like some talking done by us but in a different way. I have read in about.com "At the age of around 4 to 6 months babies start to make many more sounds. Before speaking words, babies practice the sounds, intonations and rhythms of language". Our baby is almost 4 months old, so the progress that she is showing right now is pretty normal even though she is a premature baby.