Some pictures on Akisha's Baptism

Here are some pictures during Akisha's baptism. During that day Typhoon Ondoy was just leaving from the area of the Philippines. Typhoon Ondoy leaves floods on our house, but we can't cancel e Akisha's baptism. Most of her God parents didn't mange to attend the baptism ceremony because they were also been a victim of the flood made by typhoon Ondoy. But we still thank God that He still made the rain stops during that day, and the flood started go down.

Our baby is going to be a Christian

Our baby Akisha Denise is going to be baptized this September 27, 2009. She will be going to be a member of the Christian world. She will be baptized at the Sta. Maria Assumpta Parish Church here in Bulacan, Bulacan Philippines, and the reception will be held at our residence in Maritess Village Matungao Bulacan, Bulacan. To all bloggers out there who are willing to come and celebrate with us, you are all invited (just don't forget to bring some gifts for Akisha :-) Joke) .
I am the one who make the invitation and my wife and some of our friends did the giveaways, she bought the materials at Divisoria.

Our baby is now 3 months old

Time really flies very fast our baby is 3 month's old now. She's now growing very fast and healthy. During that day I go to my work in the morning, and when I got home I just bought her a chocolate cake her from Goldilocks (one of famous cake makers in the Philippines). She's not feeling very well on that day because she receives her vaccine for DPT the other day, and one of the side effects of that vaccine is fever. But I thank she only got some slight fever.

She's busy watching Bakugan

I was doing something on my laptop that day, so I just put her in her carrier and put her pacifier because she's not yet sleepy and she just finished her milk, me and my wife usually watch television, so it was always turn on. After putting her on her carrier, I continue what I am doing on my laptop, but I always glance at her to see if she's okay, and I was surprised when I see our baby very busy watching the television, and she was watching a TV cartoon series Bakugan. So what I did is I immediately grab my phone record a video of her while she's very busy and focused on watching a cartoon.