Sleepy Baby

Our baby Akisha is very sleepy on this video, she is trying to resist her sleepiness. This video is very funny, and I can't help laughing while watching this.

Five Little Monkeys

Our baby is watching five little monkeys She really love watching movies, specially movies for babies. She is current 8 months old on this video.

Eating some biscuits

This is a very cute video of our baby Akisha Denise while she was eating some cookies. She is eating a local brand of biscuit made by REBISCO and it is called Marie. This cookie is very soft and melt easily when get wet, so it safe for our baby, she will not be choked easily by this cookie.

Play Time with Mommy

Now its playing time with mommy. We really enjoys playing with our very cute baby Akisha, and she really enjoys it too.

Play Time With Daddy

This is very funny video, I really love watching it over and over again. This video was taken our baby Akisha Denise is playing with her dad. She really laugh and scream a lot during this play. I also made a cellphone ring tone out of this video.