Don't forget your vitamins

Vitamins are important for each of us as they create conditions for our body to develop properly and for our mind as well. With babies, they are maybe even more important, because lack of vitamins practically means lack of energy and that is what defines babies. Also, if a baby does not have enough vitamins, he/she is always sleepy or grumpy, which has a negative impact both on the parents and the baby itself.
And for our baby Akisha, we always make sure that she always take her vitamins everyday. She's taking two vitamins, the one's that been prescribed by her pediatrician. We usually give her vitamins before she takes her bath.

She's Two Month Old

Akisha Denise is now two month's old. Time flies very fast, I can't imagine how fast she grows, from being a premature baby. Thank God that He's always guiding our precious baby and always keeping her healthy. And of course a birthday is not complete without a birthday cake, me and wife just bought her an strawberry cake for her second birthday. And we promised that will do it every month until she became one year old. I just hope and pray that she'll continue to be healthy and strong.

My Precious Babies

The most important girls in my life. My wife and our precious baby Akisha Denise. Our baby is now 1 1/2 months in this picture, look at her cheeks it's beginning to have some fats, she's is very strong now and she gained a lot of weight. Right now she weighs about 3 1/2 kilos and her height is about 47 cm. She is now taking some vitamins, and her formula milk was change from preNan to Similac.