She really loves to watch barney

Our Akisha Denise really loves watching Barney, she really enjoys while Barney sings the I love you you love me song. Every morning we let her watch it on youtube, and she also enjoys watching nursery songs on youtube the alphabet songs, counting numbers,5 little monkeys and many more.

Akisha Denise is 7th month old

Our Akisha Denise is now 7 months old. She's very big now and very active, she have also learned lot of things that truly amaze us and makes us happy. She becomes very hyper active while we are playing with her, I will post here some of the video clips while we are playing with her soon.

Akisha love's playing with her new toys

Watch our baby Akisha Denise while she was playing with her new toy's. I really love watching her while she very curious about her new toy's. At this stage she always put every thing to her mouth, and I have read that this can be a sign that her first tooth may be ready to surface.

Akisha Denise loves eating cerelac

Akisha Denise really loves to eat her baby food, it is cerelac. Every morning while she was watching some cartoons, we fed her and she really enjoys doing it. We also try give her some vegetables and soon we will try some fruits because that was the advice of her pediatrician.

Akisha Got New Pajama

Look how cute our Akisha Denise with her new pajamas. She really love wearing it, and I think it is very comfortable. We just bought her new pajamas at the localmarket during "tiangge" believe it or not it only cost about 40 pesos.